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Are you looking to hire eCommerce developer? Today, the demand for eCommerce developer is getting higher around the world. You might find many names available online, but make sure to connect with name having right qualifications and experience. eCommerce store development is the process of creating an online storefront for selling products and services online. The process involves building feature-rich, customized shopping solutions tailored to different business models and integrating reliable payment gateways.

When you hire me for your e commerce development services requirements, I can help design effective solutions right from building the store, adding inventory to order fulfillment systems. I analyze requirements, select the ideal platform, incorporate seamless user experiences and dashboard views. Some key solutions I develop are online marketplaces, multi-vendor stores, subscription eCommerce and headless commerce.


Are You Looking For A Skilled Freelance eCommerce Developer?

We all know how it becomes challenging to find the right eCommerce developer to cover the project. But, it is important to put in the efforts and connect with the one who can take care of the project just the way you want. This is where I step in as a skilled freelance eCommerce developer. If you are thinking how me as your freelance eCommerce developer can assist, then the pointers below can make things clear to you. Read on.

  • Custom Store Development
    Building customized stores from ground up is my expertise. I carefully understand your brand guidelines, target customers and technical preferences to choose the ideal platform. Subsequently, I leverage my extensive e-commerce website development services to structure stores, create intuitive navigations, integrate advanced features and develop themes according to your vision. My code focuses on customization, accessibility and future-proofing stores through scalable architecture. References showcase my ability to successfully craft professional eCommerce solutions from scratch.
  • Migration & Integration
    I skillfully facilitate smooth migration of existing stores between platforms or third-party services integration to optimize operations. I audit current infrastructures, prepare migration strategies and thoroughly test new setups while taking utmost precautions like backups to avoid downtime. Through my diligent migration management expertise, clients face zero disruptions as their websites transition seamlessly with all essential data and functionalities intact.
  • Theme & Extension Development
    As a proficient designer, I create fully-customizable templates and themes that perfectly accentuate clients' brand identity with pixel-perfect precision. I leverage coding skills to build versatile admin panels and extend capabilities through personalized plugins promoting better user-experiences. Clients highly appreciate my expertise in crafting high-converting solutions tailored to their specific business goals through meticulously developed enhancements.
  • Managerial Panels
    As an eCommerce developer, I comprehend the importance of robust admin controls. Hence I engineer fully-functional and intuitive panels for clients to centrally manage orders, inventory, sales reports, marketing campaigns and teams' activities from any device with ease. My panels uphold highest data security standards and optimize workflows to help clients run stores productively.
  • Marketing Integrations
    My solutions emerge as one-stop platforms for businesses through synchronized integration of important marketing and sales systems. By flawlessly connecting stores with CMS, PIM, ERP and CRM technologies, I facilitate unified experiences across channels. This amplifies client outreach and consolidates insights, empowering well-informed promotional strategies.
  • Maintenance & Support
    I ensure stores stay protected and perform optimally throughout their lifecycle by implementing proactive upgrades and ongoing technical assistance. Clients rely on my dedicated troubleshooting through personalized helpdesk portals and documented guidance. Comprehensive long-term support contracts guarantee stores consistently meet evolving business and user requirements leveraging my continual optimizations.
Benefits of using


Increased Sales

By tapping into a global customer base beyond limitations of physical presence.

Lower Overheads

Compared to traditional retail by removing expensive infrastructure overheads.

Better Customer Services

Through added services like wishlists, reviews, recommendations for enhanced experiences.

Improved Productivity

Streamlined operations allow concentrating on growth instead of administrative tasks.

Data-Driven Insights

Valuable analytics on buying patterns, inventory and performance bottlenecks for strategic decision making.

Enhanced Brand Visibility

A constant online presence raises brand awareness and trustworthiness.

Why Hire Harwinder Singh As Your Freelance eCommerce Developer?

I have been in this field of service for long and have assisted many with their respective needs of eCommerce development services. If you are still thinking about the reasons to connect with me, then the pointers below can give you all the clarity.

  • Expertise
    With in-depth understanding of businesses' eCommerce needs accumulated over the years, I efficiently diagnose project requirements. My vast repertoire includes building multi-vendor, headless, B2B/B2C stores simplified tax calculation and regionalized pricing. I implement proven methodologies tailored to varying budgets and timelines.
  • Planning
    I begin engagements by comprehensively discussing objectives to map expectations accurately. Thereafter, I formulate project charters covering all essential aspects like resource allocation, milestone deliveries, risks assessment, changes management and defect tracking. This structured planning aids transparent executions.
  • Design
    As a user-centric designer, I solicit invaluable inputs from stakeholders to conceptualize intuitive, aesthetically appealing designs promoting effortless navigation and engagement. High-fidelity prototypes then undergo reviews to refine experiences. Attractive styling motivates purchases.
  • Development
    Leveraging depth in platforms like Magento, Shopify and WooCommerce, I architect optimized, scalable solutions customizable to evolving needs through standardized, well-commented coding practices. Modular structures prevent spaghetti code issues enabling support.
  • Integration
    My adeptness in APIs aids integrating diverse third-party services like QuickBooks, ShipStation, Facebook for Business, Google Ads etc seamlessly to facilitate order management and targeted promotions boosting ROI.
  • Quality Assurance
    Being a perfectionist, I conduct extensive functional, compatibility, security and load testing on browsers, mobile devices before launch. Thorough testing validates intended performances, catch bugs proactively for dependable user experiences.
  • Support
    I offer long-term maintenance through support contracts, upgrades and periodic reviews ensuring solutions stay relevant, secure and bug-free to provide continuous business value through my personal commitment.

My Work Process

As a professional, reliable and results-driven eCommerce expert, I guarantee high quality output through proven methodologies, expertise and transparent collaborations. Take a look how I go about my work to match your expectations

Requirements Gathering

During initial discovery meetings, I thoroughly understand my clients' business goals, budget limitations and target customers to map precise requirements. This involves comprehending operational processes, technical preferences and timelines through comprehensive documentation. My focused engagement and questioning aids capturing complete requirement specifications vital for next stages.

Solution Design

Leveraging inputs, I conceptualize high-fidelity mockups, sitemaps and documents detailing essential features, integrations, payment flows and admin controls. This helps visualize stores for reviews to refine experiences. I also formulate technical specifications, hosting recommendations, development and testing plans for transparency. Comprehensive pre-development work minimizes scope changes.


I then commence coding the tailored solution using the selected platform like Magento or Shopify as per designs and technical documentation. My codes are based on standardized methodologies, adhere to accessibility and responsiveness. Modular structures facilitate further customization or integration. Thorough testing internally validates intended functions before client reviews.


Prior to launch, I conduct detailed QA testing on all storefront and admin panel capabilities across multiple browsers and devices. This rigors testing aims to identify bugs, resolve glitches and ensure intended performances. Only stable versions are pushed to live servers after gaining client sign-offs post testing.

Launch & Training

Once deployed, I provide requisite training and assistance and clients to understand platforms. I also configure optimized hosting with maintenance agreements. Handholding during initial launch phases build confidence to independently operate established platforms.

Iterative Improvements

I continuously support through quarterly reviews to address feedback, incorporate insights and align solutions with evolving needs. Through a dedicated improvement cycle, I ensure stores maximize benefits leveraging my ongoing eCommerce expertise.

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