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IT Mean?

PHP is all about having a dynamic set of online platforms that can present your product and services as per your custom needs. If you are looking for an interactive web app to connect or find more audience than there cannot be any better to move ahead than to hire PHP developer. This is where I come into play. Myself, Harwinder Singh, with years of experience in the respective field and domain. If you need any assistance with open source, server side scripting language, then I am here to assist.

When you hire me for your PHP development needs, I can help design effective solutions using PHP programming. My services include developing custom web applications from scratch, integrating existing products with PHP, upgrading and optimizing code for better performance. I analyze requirements, plan architectures, write clean and secure code focused on creating intuitive user experiences. Some commonly developed apps are eCommerce sites, CMS, marketing automation platforms and more.


Are You Looking For A Freelance PHP Developer?

Today, the demand for freelance PHP developer is getting up. As the demand is up, there are many available online claiming to be the best. It is important that you do proper research and then make your decision. When you hire PHP developer as a freelancer, there are several benefits that follow. As a prominent freelance PHP Laravel developer, I can assure you with the below assistance as per your custom needs. Take a look:

  • Website Development
    As an experienced web developer, I specialize in designing and coding attractive, responsive websites from scratch using PHP and MySQL. I will analyze your requirements, create UI/UX mockups, and then build highly optimized, pixel-perfect websites that meet your business needs. I ensure my codes are clean, scalable and security-focused. I also integrate payment gateways, testing tools and develop admin panels for easy content management. My past projects include eCommerce platforms and marketing sites.
  • Application Development
    With my profound experience, I am adept at developing robust web applications of any scale using PHP frameworks. Whether simple internal tools or complex enterprise software, I can build full-stack, feature-rich solutions focusing on user experience. I implement best coding practices while working to deliver error and bug-free applications within deadlines. My portfolio spans CMS, CRM systems, analytics platforms developed for global clients delivering seamless experiences.
  • Migration and Maintenance
    Moving existing applications and sites to new powerful servers or hosting environments under my guidance is smoothly managed. I analyze the current infrastructure and migration requirements, develop strategies to export-import code safely and streamline transitions with least downtime. I also ensure platforms are optimized post-transition. My experience in upgrades, configuration and ongoing maintenance provides assured support to clients.
  • API Development
    Creating and managing RESTful APIs is my expertise to facilitate integrations. I understand requirements, design API endpoints, write documentation and test APIs rigorously for robust performance. My APIs are highly scalable, secure and easy to consume programmatically. I help clients leverage these APIs within their systems to enhance capabilities and extract more value from their data through my efficient API development practices.
  • Performance Optimization
    When clients hire me for optimizing the speed and user experience of their sites, I conduct thorough audits and apply techniques such as caching, lazy loading, minification etc. to remove redundancy. I debug code, troubleshoot issues, and ensure websites load faster. I additionally optimize database queries and server configurations to reduce memory usage, improve response times and scale systems efficiently to deliver to growing volumes seamlessly.
  • Consultation
    With my extensive experience in PHP development domain, I can advise best coding and architectural practices to overcome challenges. I consult on transitioning existing systems, plugin development, framework migration, theming integration, caching strategies and AWS/DevOps implementations. I analyze projects, review codebases, debug problems and offer recommendations aligned to technical requirements and organizational goals through my consultative engagements.
  • Documentation
    Post development, I ensure all solutions are self-sufficient by preparing detailed documentation. This includes installation manuals, API docs, code architecture diagrams, database schemas and admin/developer guides. I also conduct training sessions to educate clients on platform usages, configurations and maintenance. This handover process equips clients to independently operate systems and obtain support as and when needed keeping their digital solutions running seamlessly.
Benefits of using


Open Source

Free to use and customize PHP code as per needs without licensing fees.

Widely Used

One of the top general purpose languages powers millions of sites globally.

Fast Development

Mature ecosystem and support enables rapid prototyping and delivery.

Platform Agnostic

Runs smoothly across Windows, Linux and macOS environments.

Security Features

Strong security enhancements like SAPIs and inbuilt sanitization functions.

Active Community

Huge online support for queries and trends from community forums.

Why Hire Harwinder Singh As Your Freelance PHP Developer?

Now, if you are thinking how I can make things easy for you while providing PHP development services, then the pointers below can make things clear. Read on and understand how I can assist you with the best experience:

  • Expertise
    With years of experience building complex web solutions using PHP and frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter and Symfony, I have comprehensive knowledge of coding best practices and patterns. I understand how to architect robust, scalable and secure applications. My extensive hands-on experience allows me to quickly analyze bugs or optimisation requirements. I ensure projects leverage the most suitable PHP tools and techniques to deliver quality output within estimated timelines and costs.
  • Communication
    Effective communication is crucial for any successful project according to me. I will have clear discussions from the beginning to understand your objectives. Throughout the project, I will keep you informed about the status, address any concerns and ensure visibility into milestones. I am always available to answer questions or provide additional information. Further, I take feedback seriously to improve my skills and offer better services, which helps foster transparent, productive collaborations.
  • Quality Code
    As a developer, writing clean, optimized and scalable code is my prime focus while delivering robust solutions. I adhere to coding standards, implement best security practices and thoroughly test my work. This ensures projects do not face issues in future. I also believe properly structured and well-documented code aids user understanding and makes projects easily maintainable, upgradable and refined as needed. I aim to produce high-quality solutions performing as expected.
  • Timely Delivery
    By leveraging my technical skills and experience in development, I confidently deliver projects exactly as discussed - on time and within the envisioned costs. I understand the importance of meeting deadlines for any business. By creating detailed, responsive project plans incorporating feedback, along with closely tracking schedules and milestones, I ensure your projects see timely completions without affecting agreed budgets or timelines.
  • Support
    My clients can be assured of continuous support, upgrades and bug-fixes even after project deliveries as I believe in providing long-term value. I address issues seamlessly via regular support contracts and further ensure operational efficiencies through platform improvements. This peace of mind allows my clients to concentrate on their core objectives while being confident their systems are expertly cared for sustained performances.
  • Reliability
    As an independent PHP developer in USA, reliability in meeting commitments is key for me to succeed. You can rely on me completely for any PHP work, big or small. I understand the responsibility of delivering projects independently on schedule. Hence I focus on transparent processes, effective project management and high-quality work. This lets me confidently guarantee consistency across all expectations and requirements discussed, building loyalty through reliability.
  • Knowledge Share
    I am passionate about continuous learning and sharing within the developer community. By sharing latest technology updates and development approaches on relevant platforms, I expand my knowledge while aiding others. I encourage discussions and collaborations to further enhance our abilities. I learn from others too through diverse perspectives. This benefits me to better advise clients while strengthening relationships and encouraging an environment of positivity and learning.

My Work Process

Check out how I go about my PHP development services to assist you with the desired outcome.

Requirements Discovery

I'll understand your business goals, technical needs and deadlines through calls/meetings to map the complete scope.

Planning & Estimation

A detailed plan covering tasks, estimates, timeline and deliverables is ready to baseline expectations.

Design & Development

Starting with UX/UI wireframes, database design then coding optimized PHP modules while testing on Dev environments.

Integration & Testing

Third party tools, modules are integrated flawlessly. Feedback helps resolve issues through extensive QA testing.

Deployment & Training

Deploying on live servers, configuring hosting along with documentation & training end-users for seamless operations.

Maintenance & Support

I ensure projects remain updated, secure and bugs are addressed. Continuous support is guaranteed through SLAs.

Iterations & Refining

Incorporating feedback helps make project more robust, scalable and future-ready through iterations while respecting budgets.

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Hire me for efficient, cost-effective and trustworthy PHP expertise. With my extensive skills and workstyle focused on quality, reliability and transparency, I am confident of delivering outputs exceeding your expectations. As an expert PHP developer, I understand PHP development as the process of creating data-driven and interactive websites and applications using the PHP programming language. PHP is an open-source scripting language that is widely used for developing content management systems and web applications

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