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IT Mean?

Node.js is a JavaScript runtime environment that allows building highly scalable server-side web applications using JavaScript on the server-side. It uses asynchronous programming to handle multiple connections efficiently.

The demand for Node JS developers is getting higher and if you are looking for one, me Harwinder Singh can assist. I have been in this field of service for long and have assisted many projects. I specialize in helping businesses and individuals develop robust and scalable web applications using Node.js and related technologies.

My services involve Node.js application development from concept to deployment. I can design and develop RESTful APIs, real-time applications, websites, hybrid mobile apps and backend services. My expertise also includes integration with technologies like React, MongoDB, MySQL etc. Whether you need a full-stack remote node JS developer for a new project or development/maintenance of an existing Node app, I can help optimize performance, add features and resolve issues cost-effectively.


Are You Looking For A Freelance Node.js Developer?

Finding experienced Nodes JS experts proficient across related technologies can be challenging. Hiring a dedicated freelance NodeJS developer can help accomplish this.

As a skilled freelance Node.js developer, I ensure the following benefits:

  • Fast Project Delivery: As a dedicated resource, I ensure no downtime between project stages to expedite development within deadlines. My expertise enables quicker turnaround from scoping to deployment.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: By billing hourly/per deliverable instead of monthly retainers, companies only pay for actual time spent on projects/tasks, saving significantly over permanent hires.
  • Latest Expertise: As a dedicated freelancer, I continuously upgrade skills on emerging Node.js technologies/practices to deliver solutions based on latest techniques. This helps future proof your investment.
  • Scalable Resourcing: Additional developers can also be engaged quickly as per project demands through a freelancing model, allowing scaling resources smoothly as per workload.
  • Focus On Core Business: Outsourcing to freelance node js developer in Los Angeles alleviates the need for internal full-time hiring, training and infrastructure costs. Management can focus solely on main business goals.

What Makes Node.JS Development So Popular?

Check out why the demand for Node Js Development services is getting higher with every passing day:

  • High Performance
    Node.js is a highly scalable and high-performance platform as it handles input/output operations asynchronously without blocking threads. This allows Node.js to respond faster even under high loads. With its asynchronous and event-driven nature, Node.js uses fewer system resources and handles more request traffic compared to traditional synchronous servers like Apache HTTP.
  • Scalability
    Node.js is designed to optimize throughput and scalability in real-world applications that serve high volumes of requests and connections simultaneously. Its asynchronous model ensures CPU intensive or slow operations like database and network requests don't impede performance. Node.js scales incredibly well largely because it avoids blocking code and leverages low-level asynchronous I/O.
  • Real-time Capabilities
    Node.js' asynchronous nature is well-suited for building real-time web applications such as chatting platforms, online collaboration tools, trading systems, live dashboards and more. It handles numerous concurrent connections with non-blocking services that avoid latency issues. Popular libraries like enable bidirectional communication between clients and server.
  • Lightweight
    Since Node.js is built on Google Chrome's V8 JavaScript engine, it executes code faster and requires fewer system resources than traditional languages. It has a small memory footprint, making it efficient and cost-effective for microservices and high traffic applications. Node.js uses less memory per connection making it suitable for high concurrency.
  • Plugin Architecture
    Node.js' plugin-based architecture provides extensive modularity by separating various application layers. It uses npm (Node Package Manager) which offers thousands of open source packages/modules and plugins. This allows developers to quickly build scalable applications by leveraging existing modules for common tasks like parsing, databases, streams, networking etc. There's availability of modules for almost all conceivable use cases. This improves productivity and reduces development time.
  • Active Ecosystem
    Node.js has an extremely large and thriving open source community constantly enhancing it with useful modules. The npm registry hosts over 1.3 million open source packages, maximizing code reuse. This active ecosystem ensures continued maintenance and evolution of the platform making any issue/bug less likely to remain unresolved. Strong community support, discussions and tutorials ensure continued learning and help with issues.
  • Ideal for API Development
    Node.js excels at building scalable APIs, services and server-side logic due to its asynchronous and event-driven nature. Its ease of building REST services along with popular modules like Express, Hapi, Koa and Restify have made Node a popular choice for API development. Node.js easily handles tens of thousands of concurrent connections and API requests compared to traditional server technologies. Node JS API development brings fast performance makes it suitable for real-time APIs. With modules for database and service integration, it accelerates prototyping and development of robust APIs.
Benefits of using

Node Js


Node.js has asynchronous event handling that remains highly responsive under high loads.


Due to its event-driven, non-blocking architecture, it makes applications lightning fast.

Real-time capabilities

Node.js empowers building real-time features due to its asynchronous nature.


Its plugin-based architecture allows leveraging any existing package for extending capabilities.

Cost effectiveness

Node.js requires fewer servers as it handles more traffic with less memory footprint.


The same codebase works on Linux, Windows and macOS without changes.

Why Hire Harwinder Singh As Your Freelance Node.js Developer?

I am a seasoned full stack Nodejs developer in USA having worked with Node.js for over 5 years to deliver numerous commercial projects for startups and enterprises. My expertise spans building real-time apps, APIs, migration of legacy systems to Node and more.

  • Proven Track Record
    Having completed over 25 extensive Node.js projects successfully, l have a proven ability to deliver quality solutions within stipulated timelines and budgets.
  • Expertise Across Stack
    With proficiency in technologies like Express, Mongoose, React, Serverless etc, I can develop complete solutions from backend to deployment without dependencies.
  • Continuous Learning
    I ensure keeping abreast with the latest Node.js advancements to leverage emerging techniques that maximize performance, scalability and value.
  • Hands-On Mentality
    I believe in rolling up sleeves to fix bugs and provide support just like an in-house resource to meet service expectations.
  • Clear Communication
    I value transparency and believe communication is key for successful projects. Expect timely status updates and quick resolutions for inquiries.

How Does My Process Work For Building Your Node.js Website?

Every project begins with an initial consultation to understand goals, timelines and technical requirements. I then conduct analysis, gather insights to present a proposal outlining work stages and deliverables. Upon approval, here are typical stages:

Information Architecture

This phase involves planning the overall information structure and navigation of the digital product. I start by understanding key user tasks and creating user personas. User research methods like contextual inquiries and surveys provide critical insights.

Design & Prototyping

Detailed design improves initial wireframes incorporating brand guidelines. Prototypes created on Figma allow iteratively testing designs and flows virtually before development. They are presented to clients/users for feedback to refine concepts not viable in real-world usage.

Development: Frontend

The frontend is built with frameworks like React leveraging best practices for optimal performance. UI elements are progressively developed and tested. Frontend code is progressively developed in small batches and thoroughly tested after each new feature addition.

Development: Backend

Node.js/Express handle API endpoints & data logic. Services connect frontend with databases like MongoDB or MySQL via ORMs like Mongoose. Node.js and Express provide an efficient backend runtime and web app framework. Databases like MongoDB are connected via ODMs like Mongoose for abstraction. Business logic, API endpoints and middleware functions are developed with Express. Services integrate frontend interactions to backend through requests.


Applications require deployment processes configured for scalability, availability and security right from initial stages. I adopt DevOps best practices leveraging containerization and infrastructure as code principles. Automated builds ensure new code releases have minimal errors and deploy smoothly. Production instances scale flexibly based on demand.

Maintenance & Support

Being senior Nodejs developer, I offer ongoing support packages for fixes, enhancements and maintenance as needed. I follow iterative, user-centered methodologies to ship high quality, bug-free code within deadlines through these stages. Please contact to discuss your needs!

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