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As a top provider of WordPress development services USA, I specialize in offering fully-customized solution to help businesses succeed online.

Some of you may wonder - what exactly does WordPress development entail? In simple terms, I carry experience in designing, developing, and maintaining dynamic WordPress websites and applications. Whether you need a blog, online store or complex web portal built from scratch, I have the experience and technical know-how to transform your ideas and requirements into high-performing, feature-rich websites.

My WordPress development services utilize the powerful and flexible WordPress platform to its full capabilities. This ensures your website functions exactly as needed, has amazing visual design, integrates key systems and plugins, and provides a seamless user experience. I also offer ongoing website maintenance, support and optimization to keep your site in top form.


Are You Looking For A Freelance WordPress Developer?

If your website relies on WordPress but lacks features or functionalities you need, hiring a freelance WordPress developer can help improve it immensely. Here are some things a WordPress expert can do for your site:

  • Build a custom design from scratch according to your business needs and branding.
  • Troubleshoot bugs and glitches, debug issues to ensure a smooth site operation.
  • Optimize performance with techniques like lazy loading, image optimization, caching for faster page speeds.
  • Install and configure security measures against malware, hacks or data theft for a protected site.
  • Train your team to independently manage, publish content and administer the site effectively.
  • Provide ongoing support with regular updates, backups, migrations as your needs evolve over time.

So a skilled freelance WordPress developer can design, develop and deliver high quality, fully-functional websites for your business goals through their technical expertise. Hiring a freelancer can certainly help you significantly, but if you are thinking how a WordPress site is the right choice, then segment below will help.

Benefits of using


Easy to Use Interface

Comes with intuitive dashboard and interface making it simple for anyone to use.

Robust Plugin Library

Over 55,000 plugins to extend WordPress functionality and customize sites without any coding.

Large Theme Selection

Hundreds of free themes and premium options make it easy to customize a site's look.

Constant Updates

Automatic core updates ensure sites stay secure with the latest features and enhancements.

SEO Friendly

WordPress sites score well in search due to built-in XML sitemaps, permalinks, and optimization.

Large Community

Millions of sites and developers provide robust support, documentation and tutorials.

Why Hire Harwinder Singh As Your Freelance WordPress Developer?

You get the expertise tailored to fit your specific business visions and budgetary needs when you connect for WordPress website development services. If you still thinking about the reasons to consider, then the pointers here can help you proceed ahead.

  • Years of Experience
    With over a decade spent designing, developing and optimizing WordPress sites, I have garnered profound expertise in the ecosystem. I have worked with diverse business domains and understand their specific technology, functionality and performance requirements. Having successfully delivered over 150 projects including complex custom plugins and themes, I have proven my abilities to translate visions into realities seamlessly.
  • WordPress Expertise
    I constantly enhance my technical competence by keeping up with WordPress core updates, new features, working of various plugins and APIs. I have thorough know-how in programming, configuring, maintaining and securing a site built on this powerful CMS. My deep understanding of latest patterns and standards helps craft nimble, scalable solutions for clients. I also assist with migrations in case of platform changes.
  • Strong Coding Skills
    Being adept in modern technologies enables me to utilize robust code architecture for developing sophisticated yet easily maintainable sites. I employ programming paradigms like OOP and MVC for structured, reusable and optimized codebases. Proficiency with Git version control facilitates glitch-free deployment. My expertise in PHP, JavaScript, APIs, frameworks like WP REST provides a strong technical foundation.
  • Design Flair
    In addition to backend programming abilities, I possess solid visual design sensibilities acquired through years of hands-on practice. I craft intuitive, aesthetically appealing UX/UI keeping business goals and target audience firmly in perspective. Usability testing and responsive design principles allow pixel-perfect, adaptive interfaces. Clients appreciate my dedication to visual details and brand consistency.
  • Project Management
    Adhering to set processes brings discipline to even complex projects and aids smooth handovers. I prudently plan timelines, allocate tasks, establish standards and documentation for transparency. Regular communication and status reports assure on-track deliverables meeting quality metrics. Detailed demos, handholding and documentation eases independent maintenance.
  • Optimization Focused
    Apart from functionality, emphasis is given to site performance optimization crucial for user satisfaction and search visibility. Proficiency in coding standards, asset minification, caching, lazy loading etc. creates fast, reliable experiences. Comprehensive testing and audits deliver robust, secure products adhering to guidelines.
  • Affordable Rates
    Low overheads as a solo freelancer allow me to cater budget-friendly, customized solutions without compromising on deadlines. Clear cost estimations aid risk-free budgeting. Experienced expertise at nominal rates delivers high value for money.
  • Prompt Communication
    Transparent communication is my topmost service priority. Easy availability via phone, email for inquiries, quick bug fixes and iterative planning facilitate stress-free collaborations. Candid status updates ensure clients remain informed and in control at all times.

So with my robust skillset, proven track record and personalized service standards, I can delightfully develop appealing and functional WordPress sites for your needs.

How Does My Process Work For Building Your WordPress Website?

Below are the steps I follow to structure project deliverables effectively while providing WordPress website development services:


In-depth discovery sessions help understand client visions, critical needs, desired experiences and constraints. We analyze business goals, workflows, target users to ideate optimal functionalities. Project parameters like timeline, budget, resources are firmed up. This ensures goal congruence prior to execution

Planning & Documentation

A formal proposal is drafted stating defined scope, specifications, costs and payment schedule ensuring transparency. Project plans are made factoring dependencies and assigning tasks to individual sprints. Technical specifications document coding standards, directory structures, plugins/customizations for seamless handovers.


User personas are crafted through on-site research. Information architecture is sketched outlining navigation, content types. Low-fidelity wireframes depict intended page templates and components. Interactive prototypes allow user testing and design refinements. Pixel-perfect visual designs, style guides are prepared.


I coded theme using OOP and MVC methodologies, separating content, presentation and business logic for extensibility. Modular functions facilitate reusable code sections. Coding standards are followed for optimization & maintenance. Custom plugins are developed with dedicated option panels.


Exhaustive testing strategies establish integrity of features, performance, responsiveness and security measures. Automated tests cover routine validations while manual tests focus on edge cases. Sites are audited against coding best practices, SEO, accessibility standards.


Once sign-off is given, I provide training to clients so they can independently manage content, plugins, changes through well-documented user manuals. One-on-one demos are arranged to ensure clear understanding.


The production-ready site is deployed post feedback. All documentation around server details, installed softwares, user manuals is handed over marking project closure.


Ongoing support involves fixing issues promptly through remote technical assistance and on-site bug visits if required. Features additions are accommodated with nominal charges to aid organic growth.


An approachable work culture enables clients to contact anytime during or post-project regarding queries, requirements changes which I readily execute to ensure full satisfaction.

This process of WordPress website development services focuses on quality, transparency and client-centricity to deliver bespoke WordPress experiences meeting defined goals. My focused, transparent and well-communicated approach helps deliver high-quality customized WordPress experiences on-time and within budgets.

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