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Laravel is one of the most popular PHP web application frameworks preferred for its simplicity and effectiveness. If you are looking for prominent Laravel developer to assist you with customized solution, then me Harwinder Singh can assist. As a dedicated Laravel developer, I specialize in building robust web applications for businesses leveraging Laravel's features.

My services involve all stages of Laravel application development from concept to production deployment. I excel at technologies like Laravel, VueJS, MySQL and incorporate best practices for security, performance and scalability. Whether you need a new custom application or migrating/enhancing an existing Laravel project, I can help optimize functionality, interface and architecture cost-effectively.


Are You Looking For A Freelance Laravel Developer?

I am an experienced full stack Laravel developer having worked with the framework for 3+ years. As an independent consultant, I work independently and ensure quality, communication and on-time deliverables. As web development needs grow in complexity, finding skilled Laravel resources locally becomes difficult. Hiring a dedicated freelance Laravel developer provides flexibility and ensures project success.

  • Guaranteed Expertise
    As a specialist, I maintain in-depth knowledge of Laravel core components and latest trends to build robust solutions tailored to your vision.
  • Quick Turnarounds
    With no conflicting responsibilities, I solely focus on your project to ensure timely programming, testing and deployments within approved deadlines.
  • Budget Friendly
    My hourly billing model allows customizing expenses as per project scope and timeline for maximum cost savings over full-time hires.
  • Updated Skillset
    As a freelancer, I continuously upgrade skills through self-learning to keep up with Laravel evolution and evolving business needs.
  • Risk-free Engagement
    You can try my services with minimal commitment. And terminate hassle-free if not satisfied, avoiding long-term employments.
  • Better Communication
    Being highly responsive, I ensure transparency and solve queries fast, just like an on-site resource through direct communication channels.

What Makes Laravel Development So Popular?

Check out the reasons why the demand for Laravel developer in USA is getting higher:

  • Productivity
    Laravel is built for productivity with features like Eloquent ORM, Blade templates, facades etc. Route files define endpoints intuitively. Its MVC framework structure keeps code organized and scalable. These promote rapid application development.
  • Security
    Laravel provides built-in security against vulnerabilities through middleware, query builders, encryption etc. Package upgrades handle new threats. Applications can focus on core benefits without security worries.
  • Community
    Laravel's large global community shares knowledge through resources like Stack Overflow, tutorials, packages on Packagist ensuring solutions. Community support helps resolve issues fast.
  • Testing
    Testing tools like PHPUnit integrated with Laravel allow testing features in isolation to prevent regressions. Code-first approach generates testable APIs safely.
  • Flexibility
    Laravel supports multiple databases, caching, queues, authentication options. Its plugin-based architecture extends functionality through third-party packages easily published on Packagist.
  • Documentation
    Laravel provides detailed, well-written documentation helping new users get started without dependencies. It acts as a guide for building complex applications.
Benefits of Using



It is built for productivity with features like Eloquent ORM that fastens the process.


It provides built-in security against vulnerabilities through middleware and encryption.


It supports multiple databases, caching, queues, and has a plugin-based architecture.

Community support

It has a large global community that supports and shares knowledge.


It allows testing features in isolation to ensure quality and prevent regressions.


Get extensive documentation to help developers get started easily.

Why Hire Harwinder Singh As Your Freelance Laravel Developer?

With years of experience building successful Laravel projects, I have the requisite skills and commitment level expected of a dedicated remote Laravel developer. As an experienced Laravel developer, I understand the importance of choosing the right resource for developing robust web applications. Here are a few reasons why choosing me will add value:

  • Expertise and Experience
    With years of dedicated experience building dynamic web applications using the Laravel framework, I have extensive knowledge of its features and best practices. I have worked on a variety of project types including CMS platforms, ecommerce sites, and APIs. My portfolio includes 25+ successfully completed projects delivered on time and on budget. My expertise ensures the most optimized solutions according to requirements.
  • Reliability
    As a dedicated freelancer, I am solely responsible for each project's delivery and work with the same commitment as an in-house resource. Clear communication is maintained through documentation, regular client calls, and quick response times to queries. Project plans include contingencies to deal with potential risks upfront. This focused approach helps adhere to timelines seamlessly even with remote working.
  • Knowledge Sharing
    Continuous skills upgrading is a priority through self-paced learning and community engagement. Knowledge gained is imparted to benefit clients long-term through documentation, training, and strategic consultation. Learning resources are curated to help clients and their teams independently manage applications efficiently.
  • Value-Oriented
    By understanding the project context holistically, I can propose the most cost-effective deployment, development, and hosting strategies. Effort estimates are provided per feature to facilitate budget preparations and timeline planning precisely. Furthermore, ongoing support packages provide additional savings over annual maintenance contracts.
  • Approachable & Helpful
    Open communication ensures complete transparency and timely addressing of any issues. A collaborative work culture is promoted through proactive status updates, approachable discussions to clarify doubts, and flexible working hours. User feedback is accommodated positively to guarantee full satisfaction.

How Does My Process Work For Building Your Laravel Website?

All my projects start with comprehensive discussion on objectives to understand requirements clearly. An initial analysis and scoping phase helps plan timelines and deliverables. Collaboration and clarity throughout the development process is key for success. Here are typical stages I follow as freelance Laravel developer in California:


In the initiation stage, I conduct in-depth interactions with clients to learn detailed objectives and capture requirements holistically. User personas are also defined to design for target demographics. Technical considerations like frameworks, hosting suitability are reviewed. This preliminary understanding forms the foundation for subsequent blueprinting work.

Planning and Analysis

The planning and analysis phase establishes crucial groundwork to blueprint the website systematically. Wireframes are drafted mapping key information architecture and workflows visually without styling to focus on functionality primarily. Since proper planning is imperative, requirements are thoroughly documented and various estimates provided. Potential risks are also evaluated to formulate contingency strategies. Comprehensive documentation at this stage ensures all facets are catered to as we progress.

Design and Prototyping

With planning completed, the next involve designing visual interfaces. Visual design mockups are created using tools like Figma incorporating branding guidelines, templates and general styles. Based on designs, click-through prototypes simulated for usability are developed using InVision. These prototypes serve to validate ideas through user research methods like surveys and tests. Valuable feedback received helps refine conceptualizations prior to development for minimal rework.

Development - Backend

Website backend development commences by leveraging the chosen Laravel framework in Python. Key areas include Eloquent ORM for databases, routing, controllers and authentication. Robust testing practices are adhered to while developing features in sprints according to documentation for stability. Security best practices are implemented to safeguard user data and payment transactions with our Laravel backend service.

Development - Frontend

Website frontend development involves utilizing a framework like Vue.js on the frontend to power dynamic interfaces, forms, inputs and user interactions. Design prototypes are converted into functional templates, components and pages coded seamlessly with the backend. Validations, dynamic content loading, interactive elements are also incorporated ergonomically.


Thorough quality assurance procedures ensure desired functionality and intuitiveness is delivered bug-free. Unit, integration and user acceptance testing methodologies are instituted at various stages to guarantee software stability and performance under use case loads before deployment. Any bugs or issues found are promptly addressed.


Once development and quality gates are cleared fully, websites are deployed onto selected hosting platforms like AWS for optimized, scalable and secure operation. Deployment automation tools like Docker and Git facilitate an optimized go-live process.


Continuous support choices are made available for addressing any post-production queries or needs through subscription packages. This helps provide long term value as solutions evolve with customer and market dynamics over time.

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